Quartz Towers

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Valley of Crystals carries high quality clear quartz towers. The clarity and rainbows coming through will leave your shoppers in awe. These crystals are mined in Brazil.


Clear Quartz:

  • Known as the Master crystal
  • Contains pure life force
  • Amplifies energy of all other crystals
  • Programmable with your intention
  • Transforms negativity into possibility and positivity

Use for Clear Quartz towers:

  • As a display to beautify your space
  • As the center of a crystal grid to promote healing and growth
  • To infuse positive light energy into meditation and healing practices
  • To cleanse and charge your crystals

Clear Quartz is the master crystal. It is number one when it comes to manifestation and setting intentions. At a cellular level, the hexagonal structure of the crystal is made up of silicon dioxide, which also makes up part of the human body and the earth's crust. This similarity in composition creates a connection between quartz crystals and the human body. This makes quartz a highly programmable crystal. Program your intention into your quartz crystal and it will keep that energy even when you are not thinking about it. Clear quartz will help you fight off any negativity and turn it into a positive outlook, reprogramming your negative thought patterns. Clear quartz amplifies all other crystals and energies, making it a powerful tool in crystal grids and any healing energy work. Be sure to cleanse your quartz crystals often.